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Video & DVD Library



A Joyful Christmas

A Present For Santa

A Visit From St. Nick

Arabian Nights


Birth of Jesus

Butterflies – A visual homily on self-worth for children & adults

Christmas Visit

Daniel & The Lion’s Den

David And Goliath

Eucharistic Adoration

First Christmas

Forgive And Forget

Founding Father Of The West

Francis - The Knight of Assisi

God's Remedy For Our Times

Great Story Teller

Jack Frost

Jesus Grows Up

Jesus:  What He Said, What He Did

John Paul II

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (2)

Let’s Go To Mass

Little Drummer Boy

Little Prince

Littlest Angel

Martin The Cobbler

Mary Had A Baby

Mass At EWTN

Mass For Children

Miracles of Love


Mother Teresa: Seeing The Face Of Jesus

Mouse In The Manger

Nanny And The Isaiah Adventures


Night Before Christmas

Noah’s Arc


Prayers For Little Children

Proud Tree



            A Christmas Story

            Spike & the Terrible Tripped-Up Tap Dance

            Trundle & The Big City Bungle

Roses in December

Rudolph, Frosty and Friends Sing Along

Santa And The Three Bears

Santa’s Surprise

Selfish Giant


Star of The King

Stations Of The Cross For Children

Steps Into The Holy Land

The American Catholic Church – A Study In Depth

The Gospel Alive Series:  Jesus Faces Temptation

The Gospel Alive Series:  The Man Who Could Not See

The Gospel Alive Series:  The Mustard Seed

The Gospel Alive Series: The Forgiving Father

The Wisdom of John Paul II

These Men Called Priest

Three Days – Good Friday to Easter

Tigger and Friends

Timmy’s gift - Precious Moments

Timmy’s Special Delivery - Precious Moments

True Story of Fatima

Velveteen Rabbit


            An Easter Carol (DVD)

            An Easter Carol

            Are You My Neighbor? (Loving Your Neighbor)

            Dave & The giant Pickle (Self Esteem

            Duke & The Great Pie War (Loving Your Family)

            Ester – The girl Who Became Queen (Courage)

            God Wants Me To Forgive Them?

            Josh & The Big Wall!

            King George & The Ducky

            Larry-Boy & The Rumor Weed (2)  (Telling The Truth)

            Lord Of The Beans

            Lyle The Kindly Viking

            Madame Blueberry

            Minnesota Cuke & The Search For Samson’s Hairbrush (Bullies)

            Rack, Shack & Benny (Handling Peer Pressure)

            Sheerluck Holmes & The Golden Ruler (Friendship)

            Snoodles’s Tale (DVD)  (Self Worth)

            The Ballad of Little Joe (Hardship)

            The End of Silliness?

            The Toy That Saved Christmas

            Very Sill Songs!

            Wshere’s God When I’m S-Scared?

Via Crucis – The Way Of The Cross

We Learn From Mary The Cloak of Many Colors

We Pray With Mary

What Is A Sacrament?

What Is The Bible?


Challenging Young People To Think

Confirmation: Faith Alive

Family Talk About Drinking

Life On The Edge Series:            Emotions: Can You Trust Them?           

                                                Finding God’s Will For Your Life

                                                Love Must Be Tough

                                                Pornography:  Addictive, Progressive An Deadly

                                                The Keys To A Lifelong Love

                                                The Myth of Safe Sex

                                                When god Doesn’t Make Sense

Meeting The Living God

 Teen Scenes & More Teen Scenes:            Life Situations for Teen Discussion


A Dinner With Alex Jones
A History of The Mass
A People of Life (DVD)
A Tour of Our Parish Church
Abundant Life - Planned Parenthood
American Family:  It’s Not Dying It’s Changing
Anointing The Sick
Baptism And Confirmation
Biblical Treasurers Of Turkey
Butterflies – A visual homily on self-worth for children & adults
Children At Risk
Commandments For Children - See Individual Listing Below
Commentary On Pope John Paul’s Response To U.S. Bishops
Communication Within The Family
Connecting With God
David/Solomon - Expanding The Kingdom
Dear Children
Divorce And Annulment
Easter Triduum – Part 1
Easter Triduum – Part 2
Easter Triduum – Part 3
Electric Guitar For Beginners
Everyone Has A Vocation To Love. What's Yours? (DVD)
Families In Crisis
Family Limits
Family Talk About Drinking
Family Time
Fiddler on the Roof
First Communion – A Family Journey
Fishers Of Men
Fourth Cup
Gathered In My Name
Historic Catholic Converts
I Am There – Discovering Christ In The Poor
In The Footsteps of the Holy Family Volume 1
In The Footsteps of the Holy Family Volume 2
In The Footsteps of the Holy Family Volume 3
Inside Islam
Interfaith Marriage
It's A Wonderful Life (Jimmy Stewart & Donna Reed)
Jerusalem The Covenant City
Jesus of Nazareth (DVD)
Jesus - The Word Became Flesh
Jesus The Redeemer
Journey To Easter
Journey Toward Forgiveness
Kimberly Hahn's Conversion Story
Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings(DVD)
Lord of the Rings Return of the King (DVD)
Lourdes: Shrine of Miracles
Love And The One Parent Family
Man of the House (Chevy Chase & Jonathan Taylor Thomas)
Marriage And Holy Orders
Mass For Older Children
Mass For Young Children Parts 1 & 2
Moses - Signs, Sacraments and Salvation
Music of the Heart
No Greater Gift
No Price To High – Alex Jones
Now That We're Catholic
Our Lady Of Light Prayer Vigil
Over Holy Ground
Paul - Contending For The Faith
Paul’s Journeys
Places in the Heart
Pope John Paul II - September 12, 1982
Pope John Paul II - Vocation Talks
Sister Act
St. Peter - The Rock
Ten Ingredients For Happy Family Living
The Catholic Mass Yesterday & Today
The Deacon: Who Is He?
The Fourth Cup
The Fourth Cup (DVD)
The Lamb's Supper (DVD)
The Mysteries of Jerusalem
The Passion of The Christ (DVD)
The Sacraments
The Shroud of Turin
The Song of Bernadetts
The Spirit Series:            We Are Faithful - Commandments 6 & 7
The Splendor of the Church – Scott Hahn
The Stations of the Cross
The Story of John Paul II
The Story of The Twelve Apostles
The Vatican Revealed - Volumes 1 & 2
Ultimate Catholic Question & Answer
Union With God – Spirituality of St. Francis deSales
We Honor Parents - Commandment 4
We Remember - Commandments 1, 2 & 3
We Respect Life - Commandment 5
We Respect Other’s Property - Commandments 7 & 10
We Speak The Truth - Commandment 8
What Are The Challenges That Parishes Face?
Who Is The Spirit?
Who Wrote The Bible?
Why Catholics Do What They Do In Church
Why Do We Go To Mass On Sunday?
Will Our Children Have Faith? Parts 1, 2, & 3
Work of God’s Hands - Mother Theresa
Working Through Your Grief
Worldwide Marriage Encounter (A Lifetime of Love)
Young And Old Together


Champions Of Faith

Jesus Decoded

Jesus of Nazareth


Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King

The Apostles

The Great Scripture Adventure Series

The Passion of the Christ

The Real DaVinci Code