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Social Awarness Pamphlets

Choice Home Care 205-445-0705
Home Helpers 205-978-3809
Senior Living – Elmcroft 205-854-2888
Family Private Care 205-870-8855 www.familyprivatecarellc.com
Jefferson County Area Agency On Aging 205-325-1416
Casa Maria .sisterservants.org
National Vehicle Donation Program 1-800-322-8284
Knights of Columbus
Camp Joseph www.campjoseph.org
All Kids Insurance 1-888-373-5437
End of Life Issues
Priests For Life www.priestsforlife.org
Rachael’s Vinyard 1-877-Hope-4-me  http://www.rachelsvineyard.org
(Abortion recovery)
Catholic Family Services 205-324-6561
Eucharist – Sacrament of Faith
Jesus Christ – Son of God
A Catholic Baptism
Catholic Wedding Etiquette
A Guide To Catholic Voting
Talking To Kids About Elections & Current Events
A Guide To Catholic Voting
Ten Things That Make A Great Catholic Mom

Ten Things That Make A Great Catholic Dad
Being Present – What Technology Cannot Replace
On Love & The Family
World Wide Marriage Encounter
Ten Principles of Civil Communication
How To Pray The Rosary
Top 10 Reasons To Come Back To The Catholic Church
How To Forgive The Church
The Bible And You
Top Ten Questions Catholics Are Asked
Becoming Catholic
What Is An R.C.I.A. Sponsor
What is The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults?
How Do I Become Catholic?
St. Bernard Prep School