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Holy Infant Coronavirus “Reopening “ Update

July 24-25, 2021

Holy Infant Coronavirus “Reopening” Update


The following is an update on the Holy Infant of Prague efforts to reopen the Church facilities for mass and other special services.  


As everyone has noticed, the number of new Corona virus cases has started to increase dramatically in the past week or so.  That is very much the case in our State and local area. The reopening team met on July 21 to discuss this recent trend and address any changes that might be needed to our reopening process here at Holy Infant.  


In order to continue and keep the safety and wellbeing of our parishioners first and foremost in our approach, we have decided to “pause” some of the things we had reported in our last update in early June.  In particular, we will make the following adjustments in our plans:


  • First, we will hold off on allowing group meetings and other events in the church facilities.  Given that the virus continues to spread, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, we would prefer not to expose anyone unnecessarily to an indoor gathering where social distancing is hard to manage.  We just need to wait until the number of new cases is reduced.
  •  Likewise, we will not have any receptions or other gatherings in the church hall where a large group is seated, gathered or sharing a meal.  
  • As for our cleaning and disinfecting process, we will return to spraying after the 5 PM mass on Saturday, between the two Sunday masses and any other times there is a larger group attending mass in the sanctuary, such as funerals, weddings or Holy Days. As for masks, we will again “strongly recommend” that you wear a mask while attending mass.  We understand that may not be popular with a lot of our parishioners, but it has proven to help control the spread of the virus and is a simple thing we can do to try and keep each other safe as we worship together.
  • Eucharistic Ministers are required to continue wearing a mask when distributing the Eucharist. If needed, masks are available on the small tables at the steps.

The 8:30 AM Sunday Mass will continue to be livestreamed for those who are high risk, homebound or having a serious/contagious illness.


In closing, we sincerely thank all of you who are attending mass here at Holy Infant for helping with our pandemic practices and trying to keep our Parish Family safe.  Everyone has done an outstanding job and we really appreciate your efforts.