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Holy Infant Coronavirus “Reopening “ Update

Blessings to all the Holy Infant Family.  We pray that everyone is safe and healthy and ask the Lord’s grace, peace and love be with you all.


January 31, 2021

Holy Infant Coronavirus “Reopening” Update


The following is an update on the Holy Infant of Prague efforts to reopen the Church facilities for mass and other special services.  


Mass attendance at the 5:00 PM Saturday Mass and the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass recently have settled into a safe and manageable number. At this point, we will stay with this schedule and continue to monitor Mass attendance as well as the COVID-19 numbers before consideration of adding an additional Mass or any other Parish Group events.


Ash Wednesday is on February 17th and Father will offer Mass at 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM. The 6:00 PM Mass will be live streamed.


During Lent, Deacon Danny will be providing the Stations of the Cross via Zoom.  Information for how to join the call (along with tips on how to join in the call) will be included in the weekly church bulletin as well as the Holy Infant website ((hiopcc.org)) and Facebook page.  


The Confirmation Mass is currently scheduled for 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 29th.


Here are a few reminders for the health, welfare and safety of everyone coming into the Church:

  •  We ask and strongly recommend that you always correctly wear a mask covering both your nose and your mouth while inside the church facilities.
  • We ask that you diligently practice social distancing before, during and after Mass. Please do not congregate in the halls or gathering space before or after Mass.
  •  Out of an abundance of caution, Holy Communion will continue to be distributed “ONLY” in the hand. Please extend your hand out in a flat manner “Demonstrate”.
  • As mentioned in our last update, we continue to ask that you not enter the church complex for any purpose during the week.  Please try and limit any access to the church complex, for purposes other than attending mass, to just after the Sunday 10 AM Mass or the Wednesday 8:30 AM Mass times.  If it is essential to enter the church at other than those times, that access needs to be done through the Office doors and not through the main doors so that Church Staff are aware of that entry.  Again, we must try to eliminate, as much as possible, all traffic in the church building during the week. Your continued attention to this small detail is greatly appreciated!


The Church Disinfecting Process has been going very well and we appreciate the efforts of our Team Leader, Tony Gagliano and his team…Tony Thomson and Norman Nix.


Lastly, and again, out of an abundance of caution, we ask your consideration of the following:

If you, or someone in your family contracts COVID-19, please make every effort to notify those whom you have had contact with. In some way, we have all been affected by COVID-19.  That said, we urge you to not let your guard down; stay vigilant and as always, use Common Sense in helping reduce the risk to yourself and all of our Parish family.”


Please do not hesitate to call the office if you have any questions or concerns about this update or any other questions you have about the church.  



Where Help is Needed

  • Additional volunteers are needed for the Ministers of Hospitality (contact Vic Graffeo at 205-999-9991).  Younger parishioners (High school senior or older) are especially encouraged to consider volunteering for this activity.