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Holy Infant Coronavirus “Reopening “ Update

June 5-6, 2021

Holy Infant Coronavirus “Reopening” Update


The following is an update on the Holy Infant of Prague efforts to reopen the Church facilities for mass and other special services.  


As everyone has noticed, the number of new Corona virus cases continues to decrease and many of the population have now been vaccinated for the virus.  In addition, many of our state and local guidelines for social distancing are no longer in effect with general guidance to use good common sense and your discretion when in public or larger indoor crowds.  For the past few weekends, mass attendance has trended lower than around Easter time and, in typical fashion, will likely continue in that way through the summertime.


On May 3, Bishop Raica issued a decree letter ceasing the dispensation from mass attendance (as of May 24).  The reopening team met on May 26 to review the guidelines of the Bishop’s letter and discuss any changes to our reopening process here at Holy Infant.  We are happy to report on that today and thank you for your continued support and understanding as we have gone through this reopening exercise for the pandemic.


  •  For the time being, we will keep the seating “as is” with the pews labeled for seating or “no       seating”.  The green tape has been removed.
  •  As for masks, we continue to suggest that you wear a mask while attending mass but will leave it to the discretion of each parishioner as to the risk level you are comfortable with (since there is no way to really determine who has been vaccinated and who has not).  Eucharistic Ministers are required to continue wearing a mask when distributing the Eucharist. If needed, masks are available on the small tables at the steps.
  •  Regarding Liturgy considerations:
➢ We will return the missalettes to the pews.
➢ Continue use of the collection boxes.
➢ Continue our practice of distributing Holy Communion by the host only at your place in the
             pews and “ONLY” in the hand.
➢ The physical exchange of peace will continue to be omitted.
➢ Ministry scheduling – (Maybe mention the fact that no altar servers have been scheduled
    for over a year).  No change for now, but we will plan to recruit new ministers through
             future Ministry Fair and perform training of all ministers (new and old) at that time.
➢ The 8:30 AM Sunday Mass will continue to be livestreamed for those who are high risk,
    homebound or having a serious/contagious illness.
  •  As for our cleaning and disinfecting process, we will reduce the number of times we are spraying the sanctuary.  This is consistent with the science indicating that infection potential is more airborne than surface related and is also in-line with local school processes (e.g., reduced from every day to once or twice per week).  In addition, there is a film that has become noticeable on many of the pew backs and once we have stopped spraying altogether, we will undertake to thoroughly clean all the pews.
  •  Lastly, with respect to other meetings in the church facilities, we are going to resume small group meetings (e.g., Scouts, Ladies Sodality, Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent Depaul) and would ask that any meeting requests for use of the hall or other church facilities be scheduled with the office in the same manner as before the pandemic.
  •  For now, we will not have any receptions or other gatherings in the church hall where a large group is seated, gathered or sharing a meal.  


Again, we want to thank all of you who are attending mass here at Holy Infant for helping with our social distancing and safe mass participation practices.  You have all done an outstanding job and we really appreciate your efforts.